Day 4 came and went and Mathew ate Cheerios. Exactly 8 of them. I encouraged him to eat them because it is highly recommended that Decadron be taken with food. That is all he ate. Eight little, tiny Cheerios. Otherwise he drank a LOT of water and slept.

The Decadron did not affect Mathew’s mood which is a huge relief. It was only day 1 so perhaps it starts on additional days. I hope not; you have no idea just how moody and cranky this steroid made him when he was on chemo treatment!! The drug helps with nausea, pain and might boost his appetite.

Mathew kept to the 60 mg of morphine today. I found out something from his nurse yesterday, that I didn’t know. I thought the slow release morphine meant 60 mg was being released continually over the 12 hours. Nope. It is actually 20 mg of morphine released over 4 hours then a second 20 mg for the next 4 hours and the final 20 mg of morphine over the last 4 hours of the 12 hour cycle. So at any hour the base dose is 20 mg. The break-through morphine is a short acting narcotic that releases over 4 hours (although I am going to check that with his nurse). That would make it 20 mg/hour plus the 10 mg break through he gets when he needs it.

Today he did not ask for any break through at all – perhaps the Decadron is already making a difference! Mathew did say something that made me pause though… he told me that area that hurts on his right side sometimes “pops”. He emphasized it popped but could not break it down any more for me. It hurts when it does that. He had nausea medication plus an Ativan today on top of his regular medication.

He soaked through 3 pillows today. I rotate them and hang them to dry but we are going to be buying new pillows very soon. We also have 3 or 4 mattress protectors but two need replacing  because they are not waterproof. I don’t want his new mattress soaked with sweat!

In the late morning I sat in Mathew’s recliner, reading. I fell asleep sitting in the up position which isn’t pretty ~ it causes drool. Mathew woke me up with a sudden start when he shouted out for me…. gave me quite the fright! He didn’t know where I was because he was facing away from me. Sometimes when he rolls away from me he says good bye so I know he is changing position.

I tried some herbal teas this afternoon. It didn’t go well. In the olden days when I was a lot younger I remember the choices being much easier to choose from. One added flavour for the herbal essence and maybe a dozen different brands offered. I knew about the tea shops that opened because Kristen likes to try them. I found it all rather overwhelming but my choice is narrow because I need decaffeinated. My heart races if I am not careful and it puts me off my feet for up to 36 hours at a stretch. I took pills at one time but when they didn’t go well with my asthma medication I went off them with success. I just have to stay away from caffeine. Back to my tea story though. The other day I decided to try decaff herbal tea. I picked out a few boxes and gave it a go today.

Ugh. One was just awful. I took a sip and tossed the rest down the sink. The second box smelled much better; it was some floral hibiscus type. It was okay until I burped. The taste coming back up was gross. It went down the drain too. Mathew liked the smell of that one which is also important; smells bother him a great deal these days. Anyway, back to the drawing board. I may just try good ol’ Earl Grey morning tea.  John’s family are all diehard tea drinkers and I don’t drink tea or coffee. Just can’t stand anything coffee related at all; tea has a funny aftertaste that lessens its enjoyment. What with this never ending blasted winter though, I’d like something hot besides hot chocolate.

For anyone who does visit Mathew please note that any scents bother him. I noticed one or two people that came through the house last weekend had aftershave or perfume on. Not only does it bother him but I have allergies and asthma that worsened in recent years. Your added perfume tends to give me an asthma attack and I’m already on enough medication for it. Please wash off any scents before coming over. Thank you for understanding!

The last big stretch of no eating for Mathew lasted either 4 or 5 days. We hope this is a pattern and this current bout will end very soon. Mathew, when he is awake, keeps asking when he will feel well enough to play on his Nintendo Switch but there is no answer to give. He managed a short period on his iPad today, just once though. Otherwise he is sleeping.

The nurse thought it was recovering from his birthday weekend and god I hope so. Mathew indicated today that he can’t go like that again. Too many people over too many days. When he gets some energy back the visits will have to be short and few. Right now when our door bell rings he just tells me that if it is for him, he is not in.

He is such a funny character without meaning to be. It is a part of him that cracks me up.

I sure do love him.