Today is day 7. Of Mathew not eating that is. I actually persuaded him to try a chicken ball from The House of Chan. He ate not even half of it and couldn’t manage another bite. He said how difficult it was to even eat that much.

He slept most of the day. When he was awake he was on his iPad, again while resting in bed.

We are definitely more worried now. This is the longest stretch for Mathew to not eat and to sleep. He is hot then cold. Cover up then cover off. I spent more time adjusting his covers to keep him comfortable. We know longer even try to match his bedsheets anymore; we are allowed to change the topsheet more often than the bottom cover. The pillows get switched around a few times a day. Rather than drying them in the air, I think I might toss them in the dryer.

The important part is hydration and Mathew is still drinking plenty of water.

Tuesdays are the nurse’s visit days. There isn’t much use in calling prior to her visit because this is part of Mathew’s journey. So long as he is comfortable there won’t be anything anyone can do. His nurse will likely update his chart that plots his progress and gives everyone an idea of his state of health.

I so very much hope still, that it is not the downward trend it is beginning to appear to be. As Mathew and I discussed today, whether or not he is eating or drinking that bloody cancer is doing its thing 24 hours a day, nonstop. As is his heart.

Did I tell you how much I despise, hate, abhor Ewing’s Sarcoma? It doesn’t even give the patient a fair fight. There is no mild or local with this one. It is considered to be metastasized due to microscopic particles that can so easily get into the blood stream and lay low just waiting for that tiny fraction of an opportunity to grab hold and grow anywhere it can in the body.

It is stealing my son. I have never hated anything so much in my life.