Mathew seemed a little better today. He was awake for most of the day but snuggled in his bed. He spent more time on his iPad and opened his other birthday parcels as well.

He even drank a can of Nestea!! He showed a slight interest in possibly eating but decided not to. There were some crackers and Cheerios by his bedside table if he changed his mind.

I got a good night’s sleep and remembered my sleep apnea mask. Yeah the one where I look like Hannibal Lector, according to my darling husband. I wear the nose and mouth one because my allergies make me feel like I’m suffocating with just the nose mask. When my shadow hits the bedroom wall that’s when ol’ Hannibal comes into effect. I’m surprised that John can sleep so well next to me now that my alter ego displayed itself. I might get hungry in the middle of the night…chomp….chomp….

All kidding aside the mask is important and I should be wearing it. I won’t bring it into Mathew’s room with all the movement through the night. I accompany him to the bathroom because he is on his 6th day without food and I sure as heck would be woozy and I worry he is. Occasionally he does falter a moment here and there.

It was heartening to see a spark back in Mathew and that is the difference. I’m giving him Ativan plus the Decadron together now and didn’t notice any mood swings today so that might be the winning combination. Mathew is still on 60 mg morphine and isn’t complaining of pain so the steroid might be helping managing that better.

I was even permitted to open the curtain a sliver earlier today while Mathew checked out his DVDs he bought. He wanted to read the little print ~ the stuff neither John nor I  can read anymore without a magnifying glass. It was sooooo nice having a bit of the outside world light up the room. I like light. A lot of it. Mathew does not. He likes his dark room and especially now wants the curtains drawn 24 hours a day. During daylight hours it is light enough to see in his room but you never get a sense if the sun is shining, or if it is raining or if that darned spring is showing signs of winning the winter war (It isn’t, I checked).

It isn’t light enough in his room to do anything but hang out and go on my iPad. I’d love to paint or needle felt… knit or ANYTHING (besides fold the laundry ha ha ha) but it isn’t possible. So the iPad it is and I’m grateful for that! It is amazing what you can do online now ~ the kids don’t remember the days of dial-up when it took a half hour to download one page…and if someone picked up the phone and tried to make a call, well you were disconnected (anyone else remember those screams of frustration and despair when that happened?).

It is my turn in Mathew’s room tonight. I went in by around 7:30 or 8 this morning and ended up dozing in the chair until 1:30 pm again. I should grab some knitting and then I’d look like a granny!

I hope you all enjoyed St. Paddy’s Day. John doesn’t go in for that stuff; never has. When the kids were younger I’d tell them they had half green blood and sure enough they’d look for it. Now they understand that I meant their father was born and bred in Northern Ireland so he isn’t a several generation descendant but well and truly, Irish.

I saw the Irish PM’s statement with President Trump standing off to the side. Very decent speech and not scared off one bit by Trump; he said his piece in a very clear manner and slighted President Trump in a classy way. Well done. Meanwhile you-know-who showed HIS class by refusing to shake the German Chancellor’s hand when it was offered.

Thanks for commenting on yesterday’s post guys!

Good night all