I never imagined how exciting a piece of pizza could be! Mathew’s Aunt Wendy made him a pizza and he ate a piece, declaring it awesome. It was one slice but joy for us who were counting the days.

Now it will be to see if this continues. Mathew’s tongue is whitish which could be thrush; the nurse will definitely check that and get him a prescription if it is. I am so grateful we don’t have to take him out to the doctor’s every time something comes up. It would be an awful chore and one he would fight tooth and nail.

Today turned out to be a pretty good day. Mathew’s cousin was in from Montreal and popped in for a visit. At first Mathew remained under the covers and drifting into sleep… maybe… but got interested enough that they visited for a couple of hours and Mathew’s spirits brightened. It makes us wonder if we shouldn’t coax him to allow a visitor or two every couple of days to give him something to look forward to. I will work on that and see if we can’t get some people in.

While Mathew was visiting I took a moment to wander into the living room and turn the tv on. First time in a little while and disgusted with all the freaking commercials. Those things are everywhere – even creeping into previous “clean” media such as the embedded videos in Facebook. I ended up turning the tv off.

The occupational therapist left a thingy to help Mathew get in and out of bed. In particular, out of bed. It is basically a big piece of  chip board with a small but high metal grip bar. Mathew was upset when he first saw it as it reminds him that he needs these aids. It took only one use for him to realize just how helpful it is and to appreciate having it. The first time he used the grip he almost launched himself into the closet! He still has strength in his arms! Subsequent uses Mathew managed much better.

It’s Sunday night already. Geez, the older you are the faster the weekends go by when you work! Since I don’t at the moment I am spared the Sunday rush/panic right now. That’s ok there are enough other things on my mind now anyway.

Good night