Aunt Wendy’s pizza had a little magic sprinkled in it and that, along with the Decadron, put Mathew into the eating frame of mind.

Mathew ate yesterday and again today. He finished the last slice of pizza at lunch time, ate a chicken ball, had a chocolate chip muffin, and drank a can of Nestea. Now that is what I’m talking about!

Yesterday Aunt Wendy was able to stop in for a little visit and today I gave Nana and Poppa a call when Mathew decided he was up to company today. Poor grandparents! I call and basically shout that the window of opportunity just opened and may be short so move, move, MOVE!! Just kidding although an expedient trip over is recommended. They so much want to see Mathew.

The visits last about 45 minutes before Mathew wears out. Still, it is something for him to look forward to and he is happy to see one or two people when he is up to it.

Now, on speaking with Nurse Christine today, the suggestion is that eventually the effect of the Decadron will wear off in terms of the energy push and appetite. Decadron in small doses has the most beneficial effect on patients so there will be no advantage to increasing the dosage. The less desired side effects such as the volatile mood swings would happen with a higher dose without any added benefits. Mathew has not requested any break through morphine since starting on the Decadron and remains on 60 mg morphine for now. That is happy news too.

I am grateful for this reprieve and that we see a little of the old Mathew. Let’s hope it continues for a little while longer.

I am happy to sound like a broken record with posts like these!

Good night