Has a nice and different ring to it, doesn’t it? Frightful, winter weather once again. There is a blizzard warning to the north of us…maybe east… hmm, it is hard to always tell which way is north or east around here. Whatever, the wind is rattling the doors and windows, and the snow is blowing by. So much for spring! It is dipping down to sub-zero temperatures tonight so we are huddling down for another long winter’s night.

Mathew ate two meals today. While that was awesome; him needing break-through morphine twice was not good to see. That pesky right side of his chest was hurting again. Perhaps he slept wrong and tomorrow will be back to that normal I wanted so badly yesterday.

Mathew was in good spirits today and did play on his Nintendo Switch. His Aunt Wendy and cousin Jack visited this afternoon. The weather turned nasty just as my niece, Ella, was walking home from school so Wendy popped out to get her and she joined the little get together. Jack and Mathew eventually got to visit sans “adults” and Wendy and I retired to the kitchen to have tea.

It is great having family close enough to pop in or pop out, or even to walk over to a sibling’s house. John often walks after work and will stop in to say hi to his parents, or his sister. If he walks the other way then his brother’s house is just a couple of roads over.

Mathew ate leftover fish sticks and mashed potatoes at lunch, followed by a chocolate chip muffin. Later he asked John to bring him home KFC popcorn chicken and ate most of that at supper. Shortly after that he fell asleep, down for the count.

I hope everyone stays warm and safe during this cold, blustery night.