As I typed the last post the other night, my guts started cramping. I ended up with the flu; a nasty whallop that hit fast and dirty. I haven’t puked like that in years! After an hour and a half of pure misery in the bathroom I finally lurched out and into our bedroom to wake John up at 2 am.

John took over Mathew’s care and disinfected anything I could possibly have touched while I retreated to Kristen’s room downstairs and “contaminated” her room as she so nicely put it. There’s a bathroom down there so that was for my exclusive use. That was the last anyone saw of me for about 36 hours. Hopefully the flu shot in the fall kept the flu effects to a minimum although I have no idea where I got it. The critical point of keeping Mathew safe worked.

Yesterday morning I finally dragged my pillows and iPhone back upstairs and crashed in Mathew’s room for the day. He was delighted to have me back and I sure missed him.

Over the last couple of days Mathew’s pain levels seem to be creeping up again. He requested break-through morphine 4 times on Thursday and 3 or 4 times on Friday. The pain is on both sides of his chest and under his arms. If it doesn’t settle today he will go back on the 75 mg morphine but it makes him a little more sleepy.

Mathew is still eating well and is enjoying long wakeful periods, when he is not in pain. He has this up and down pattern and it appears he is swinging down again. He has no interest in leaving the house or his room. In the last 2 months he left the house once. Only one time; it is hard to believe.

This is another all-nighter for me. No clue why I can’t get to sleep but as it is 5:15 am… this party girl is finally getting sleepy. If I had tons of energy and enthusiasm for say, cleaning the house or scrubbing the floors, then the insomnia would be productive at least. No such luck. The wool is gathering behind my eyes and filling my head so I’m going to try to sleep again or else I won’t be up to anything today!!

Tired and sleep-slobber is just not a good look on me.

Good Saturday morning to you all