Why does Mathew keep falling in the bathroom? He took another spill yesterday while I stood right behind him! He fell onto his knees, thank goodness, onto the floor. Aside from stubbing a toe everything is fine. This is the third time in the last month he fell in the bathroom!!

It might be due to turning so much in a little room. One other time he fell toward the bathtub which could have caused a huge problem if he fell against any of his tumours/lungs. I accompany him to the bathroom all the time now because he worries about falling. His walker will be making an appearance if this keeps up!

The occupational therapist came by today and left a transfer belt. I had no idea some of the things she comes up with and this is one of them. The belt is velcroed around Mathew’s middle and there are loops for the accompanying person to hold on to…. to stabilize him or keep him upright. The other recommendation is for Mathew to move slowly and deliberately.

Today was the last day for Nurse Christine to stop in. Every April 1st the nurses rotate territories and ours is moving on too. Next week will be a new one, someone we might already know. I don’t like change right now and it was hard to see this nurse go. She was most helpful and compassionate and very warm to talk to. I shall miss her ~ Mathew doesn’t know yet.

The nurse suggested Mathew goes on long-acting Tylenol every 8 hours or twice a day. It helps with bone pain when used in a long-acting manner. This will hopefully reduce the need for the frequent break-through medication Mathew gets daily. The Decadron will be scaled back to a half dose each day to see what impact it might have on his appetite or wakefulness.

We also put in for a home assistance bed ~ the occupational therapist uses this term (or one very similar) rather than “Hospital bed”. Hospital bed has unpleasant associations for most patients. Mathew was upset however it was stressed that it can take up to 6 weeks to get a bed and the OT is going to get a more comfortable mattress than the standard one. Movement is difficult for Mathew, when he is in bed. A lot of time his pain is to blame and other times it might just be weak muscles. Whatever the case, the bed will have those electric controls/buttons that move the bed up and down, etc. Sigh. Another concession.

The local news posted about the norovirus going around here. I laughed. A week too late for this house! My symptoms were spot on for their description of what to look for and it isn’t covered in the annual flu shot…. I think.

Twelve more centimetres of snow fell yesterday; the wet, slushy stuff that lends to vehicle accidents. I went out for groceries and although I drove slowly, the truck fishtailed a little. The stores were empty so running the aisles was easy. The McDonald’s line up though…. not fast at all! Mathew wanted French fries so I sat in that freaking line up for well over 10 minutes. The good news is Mathew enjoyed the fries. I only like them when they are freshly cooked and salted. Even then the thought of them sitting in my stomach…well, yuck.

Mathew is up again today so that downward spiral he worried about hasn’t come to pass yet. The cat, Gimley, is pestering him right now and I can hear them cussing each other out. After Gimley eats his afternoon meal he settles for a long nap, preferably one with a human. Mathew is the only one in bed and I left his door open so I can hear if he calls me. The cat loves to curl up and snooze next to his human although I think he secretly likes John the most. Even though I feed him and clean his kitty litter. No gratitude there!

Mathew and I were up until 3 am for some reason. Basically, we couldn’t sleep. It should be an early night tonight since we got up around 10 am and he’s put in another good day.

It is odd to write when it is daylight out and not in the middle of the night. Or in the wee early morning hours. This almost feels….well, NORMAL! Gasp!

I hope this day treats you well.