Mathew slept right through. He is still sleeping. In fact, he is so exhausted he ate lying down in bed half asleep! He polished off the few KFC popcorn chicken nuggets that were leftover from yesterday and later, a large fries from McDonald’s. Again, trying to stay awake to eat ~ he was hungry but too tired to sit up to eat.

The Decadron was cut in half this morning so Mathew received a weaned down dose. This is the steroid. Would it affect his energy level so drastically so fast? I don’t know!

The pharmacist at Shopper’s Drug Mart showed me the long acting Tylenol today. It is the Tylenol for arthritis and comes in 625 mg capsules. He can take 2 at a time, every 8 hours. These capsules release half a dose every 4 hours. There was a sale on…. $10 off a bottle. What a chunk of change that is! I bought the biggest bottle (2 actually, due to the sale) and just started Mathew on the double dose. I opted for the Tylenol brand rather than store brand because the store brand looks similar to the prescription for Lyrica. Mathew takes so many pills I want them as distinguishable as possible. In the case of the Tylenol brand, the pills are yellow on one side and white on the other.

It was a quiet day given how sleepy Mathew is. He complained of a bad headache this afternoon so in addition to getting Tylenol, he needed to drink more fluids.

Mathew also complained of a fair bit of nausea so out came the heavier duty prescription for that. He said he feels like he is hitting the down cycle because he can tell the difference.

So far he has not been on his iPad today so yes, he is tired.

John is taking tomorrow off so I can get some rest tonight. I also made a date with my Mother-in-Law to go out for lunch. I am looking forward to it.