Yesterday my mother-in-law, Jean, and I ate a leisurely lunch at the Britt’s located by the Regional Hospital. Britt’s food always tastes very nice but it is a limited menu. Yesterday I chose the 3 (or 4?) cheese dip and slice crunchy baguette pieces along with an Asian soup. I ended up taking the soup home but the appetizer was delicious! I followed it with the chocolate mousse dessert with the raspberry coulis. Much to my delight Jean shared my dessert. It always taste so much better when two or more are savouring and splitting the taste and calories! Ha ha, seriously love that dessert. Jean had some potato-fish pancake kind of thing that she liked as well. It was a pleasant outing and we chatted about everything and nothing in particular.

I am one of those extremely lucky people who have a most beloved mother-in-law. She is a wonderful Nana to all of her grandkids and is supportive, kind and always warm with her children and their in-laws. I always admire her gardening skills (think: English garden) and her beautiful flowers. She is also a great decorator, something she passed on her to her daughters. I’ve taken more than a few ideas from those ladies!! There are only two things I do (or don’t do) that cause her exasperation: 1. I don’t wear makeup, not even lipstick and 2. I don’t drink tea.

That second one is almost a crime in the Bullock households ~ these great folk are from Northern Ireland and it is a way of life there. They brought that habit to Canada with them when they moved here in the 1970s and their kids all grew up drinking tea as well. I realize it is more of a relationship with the act of drinking tea and am not sure they realize it. I have found a blend of tea and am actually drink it now and then as I look for something hot to drink, besides hot chocolate. I really can’t stand even the smell of coffee so that will never happen! I think Jean will be delighted the first time I actually bring some of my decaff tea along and have a “cuppa” at a family get together. It is too late for the makeup though; this old bag always wipes her eyes and forgets the few times eyeliner or mascara rings her eyes…. I’m not taken with my raccoon eyes, sadly!

Anyway, I wanted to put a shout out to my mother-in-law. I know she is equally adored by all of her children, grandchildren and in-laws. I think we’re going to do this luncheon thing more often!

I brought Mathew back an order of chicken strips from Britt’s, for his supper, as requested. Mathew was up most of yesterday and felt quite well. It wasn’t until our bedtime however that we realized he did not get his Decadron and it was too late then. I kind of wonder if that is why he is so sleepy today. He was up for an hour or two but went back to sleep not too long after John got home from work. Right now there is once again no seeming pattern to his sleep or wake cycles…

Yesterday, aside from going out for lunch, sleep was the order of the day for me. I napped in the evening to be cruelly awakened from my lovely slumber by John. I then stumbled into Mathew’s room and slept mostly on and off until mid-morning today.

With all of the activity yesterday I didn’t look out the kitchen window, gazing around the lake as much as I try to do. It was with horror I looked out today to see someone has walked across the lake; maybe even more. There is a wide path across the lake, from our neighbour’s home to one across the lake. I can only hope it is the deer wandering across because the ice is NOT SAFE! The temperature has gone up and down like crazy but only one or two really cold days last week! There is a fresh layer of snow over the ice so there is no way to see the ice either. I truly hope that no one goes out there – it is the end of March!!

Tomorrow is April 1st so watch out for those April Fool’s jokes. I mean the ones you see in the newspaper and on tv. I am in no mood for jokes this year unless Mathew feels he wants to prank me somehow. I know on April 1st it is always important to check news sources and look at your family and friends for an extra second; looking for that telling smirk. Anything outlandish on Facebook will definitely be suspicious tomorrow!

Now, my stomach is very bothered by some garlic flavoured pork rinds I ate earlier today. I won’t be eating them again! Regular pork rinds are a go but they don’t seem to be for sale in this area. I just spotted garlic ones at the Superstore and bought them – not realizing the garlic taste until I opened a bag. Not so great in my tummy….

Maybe a spot of tea will settle things, eh?