Mathew is not eating again. The past 2 days he mostly slept and was not interested in food. Yesterday he enjoyed a visit during his “wakeful” period. His aunt and her beau were in town for a short trip and kindly jumped up and drove right over when I let them know Mathew was up. Their visit perked Mathew right up and lifted him out of a depressed mood.

Mathew was not feeling well enough for a second visit by another aunt and uncle who also popped into town. We are grateful for their understanding when we have to put them off a visit. It is also too hard on Mathew when family gather at our home because he hears the chatter and laughter that he is too sick to participate in.

We were given some home made meals yesterday for which we are always grateful. I don’t cook at present because Mathew does not like to be alone at all. Cooking takes time away from him and I’m content with cereal, toast, etc. John is actually doing the cooking right now; some days for just himself (often I don’t feel like eating) and on other days for him and I. On occasion Mathew will eat the meal John made and that is the best time of all.  John cooks well but sure appreciates it when we are gifted with meals!

Yesterday John decided he had enough of the creaky, uncomfortable cot. He went out and purchased a thick mattress which now rests in Mathew’s room. It is so comfortable compared to the cot and it doesn’t make any noise! The cot is metal and has supporting slats that screeched and creaked, waking Mathew up whenever we moved. Now we are stealthy, like ninjas!!

Mathew is on a steady diet of maximum painkillers but his chest area still hurts. He held his chest last evening and through the night, complaining of pain over his left side ~ the same pain that sent us to the hospital ER just before Christmas. A new symptom developing is a bad headache not controlled by any of the medications he receives. His nurse will hopefully have some suggestions or insight on how to help that.

Just to add to that mess, Mathew fell AGAIN in the bathroom yesterday evening. Either John or I accompanies him to the washroom now and it was me this time. I had left momentarily to retrieve his empty water bottle, just to hear the tell-tale thud and wail. He fell onto his knees again, fortunately. What is it with that room, anyway? The only thing I can see might cause a fall is all the added movements made in a small space. If you think about the tasks done in the bathroom and break them down it turns out there are plenty of added, minor moves that can topple a dizzy or weak person over. There is bending, twisting, reaching and turning ~ all in a confined space (we don’t have a large, luxurious spa-type bathroom… just a plain, regular one). When you watch that dizzying array of fine coordination, you realize how much we take for granted. In Mathew’s state he can no longer safely execute these seemingly simple tasks that are actually far more complex than given credit for. I am working on simplifying bathroom tasks so as to remove as many unnecessary movements as possible.

I just looked outside now that the light of day is upon us…and oh joy! It is snowing yet again.

Right. I’m going back to bed to hide under the covers until spring arrives!!