Mathew’s arm pain is just unbelievable. We are throwing everything at it and it still isn’t giving him much relief. He’s getting double the break-through dosage every 2 hours or so right now and still can’t rest peacefully.

The Decadron kicked in and Mathew pulled an 18 hour day yesterday; pain and all. He doesn’t sleep well when something hurts viciously anyway. He did sit in his chair for an unprecedented 3 hours yesterday but his face was sheet white at the end. He also used up every ounce of energy and spent the evening and night lying quietly in bed, on his iPad.

Aunt Wendy made Mathew one of her delectable pizzas yesterday and dropped it over. Mathew ate that through the night and loved every bite of it. The steroid kicked his appetite into higher gear as well. I ended up making him Easy Mac at three o’clock this morning. Yay for fast and easy food ~ I did not feel like cooking at that hour of the night.

Kristen is getting in a lot of time with Mathew and he is so happy she is here. The days she visits fly by much too fast and tomorrow will come too quickly. It tickles me pink when they hang out and chat about everything and nothing in particular. She is good for his spirits.

When Uncle Harry and Aunt Christine returned from their vacation in Mexico they brought Mathew a Lucha Libre chocolate bar. He was intrigued by it being a wrestling chocolate bar so I kept the box for him to look at. Once he tasted the chocolate it disappeared fast. He said it was the best chocolate he has ever had and it is like eating chocolate truffles. Kristen had a piece but otherwise he enjoyed the whole thing himself. This is unusual because his appetite for sweet things has diminished to being almost non-existent.  I think Harry and Christine brought a bit of sun back with them too because the last two days were definitely spring!

The table and chairs were moved outside and I had the rare luxury of enjoying a bit of time out in the warm, sunny day. Judging by the cars and people hitting the roads and sidewalks over the last 2 days it looks like everyone is flocking outside for some needed fresh air. Today it is cloudy and rainy but that is okay; better weather is on its way.

This is just a short note to say the weekend is going pretty good; the best part is Kristen being here and the worst part is the difficulty in managing Mathew’s pain. I assume it is “referred pain” from the tumours growing into the pleura of his lungs, although there could be tumours anywhere in his body now. There is nothing to prevent the cancer was doing its hideous evil wherever it wants.

Now I’m off for a nap. John and Kristen are up and I’m going to get the 40 winks I missed overnight. My neck has a crick in it from my head tipping to the side when I fell asleep in the upright recliner. Headache!