Oh why do I have to keep posting these two things? Yesterday just wasn’t the best day for the two reasons I headlined above.

Kristen flew home to Ottawa yesterday at noon. She flew through Toronto since there is no direct flight from Saint John. On an earlier trip she managed to change the connecting flight to an earlier one and so she tried this time as well. The ticket agent booked her on the earlier flight only to find it was full. Come to find out when the agent did THAT he/she released Kristen’s paid-for seat in the original connecting flight. Yay!! She then had to wait ~ on stand by ~ and was able to catch the flight because there just happened to be one unfilled seat. She had not been informed that her allocated seat would be given up….automatically? Deliberately? Fortunately she did arrive home as planned, wiser for the wear and tear of flying.

It was rough when she left. It gets harder each time right now and she leaves a huge void that screams, “Daughter/sister missing!!”.

Mathew’s pain just won’t quit this weekend. It always flairs up on a Thursday and we end up scrambling through the weekend until the following week. He is still getting the doubled up break-through morphine at times every two hours.

The fall Mathew had yesterday could have been so much worse. I was standing right beside him but couldn’t do anything. This time we watched most of a movie and he got up from his chair. He usually walks around the bed to get in on the side that has the side bar to grip. This time he noticed the cat resting on the other side of the bed, so leaned over to pet him. He was fine, everything was fine…. and then he straightened up. In front of him was his bed. On his left I stood. On his right, against the wall, was the side table and further behind, the tv stand with everything on it. He fell back. He fell between the tv stand and his chair and so I couldn’t get to him because the chair was blocking me. He fell onto his backside and his head hit the wall. He was screaming and wouldn’t let me touch him, so I scared the bejeezus out of John by throwing open the garage door and screaming at him for help! He was working on the jeep so I had to yell to catch his attention.

We got Mathew up and onto the bed. I checked him over and also looked at the wall; thankfully he didn’t hit it hard enough to dent it. It is frightening beyond words to watch someone you love fall and you can’t do anything in time to help them. My hair stood on end and turned a little more gray in a futile attempt to get to him on time. I worried that if I grabbed his arm and pulled, matters would be made worse ~ perhaps by swinging him into the entertainment stand. In my mind I saw the stand tipping and the tv falling on him.

It took a while for everyone’s frazzled nerves to settle; especially Mathew. Once again we reviewed the situation and have already made changes. When Mathew gets off the chair he is to get into his bed on the same side so he isn’t moving around anything. John and I are looking at rearranging the setup so he can watch tv from his bed. Mathew doesn’t want that but given his penchant for falling… it might not be a choice any longer.

Mathew’s shoulders and his neck hurt from the fall. So does his backside/back. It jarred the area on his lower spine where the cancer ate part of the vertebrae so no kidding that hurt like hell for a while.

Aside from that ~ which ended the long weekend on a sour note ~ Kristen and Mathew enjoyed their visit and hung out as much as Mathew wanted. Kristen shared her chocolate Easter bunny and Mathew declared it to be the best chocolate ever ~ along with the chocolate bar he got from Mexico. Mathew enjoyed shopping with his Easter money, which he received in lieu of edible goodies.

It rained yesterday which fit our mood perfectly.

I hope your Monday was much better!

(ps it is 5 am so no updates on weekly medical visits or checkups yet)