The nurse stopped in this afternoon and brought her stethoscope and oxygen stat thingamigjig with her. To our great, unpleasant, surprise, Mathew’s resting heartrate was about 122 beats per minute (bpm). While he walked maybe 10 paces to the kitchen his heartrate jumped to above 150 bpm. He sat in a chair for a minute then walked back to his room with the same result. His usual resting heartrate lately is about 80 bpm.

His resting oxygen stat was 90% today, down 1% from last week ~ I think it’ll vary slightly. His walking oxygen stat was 92-93% which is the direction it should go so that isn’t as much of a concern.

Now when the nurse listened to Mathew’s lungs, she did hear some airflow into Mathew’s lower left lung lobe…. you know, the one I said had no airflow last week.

Yup. I’m just as confused as you are.

Tomorrow the respiratory therapist is returning; his first visit since January 9th. He will check those vitals again. Perhaps that busy heart was a one-off for some reason.

The pain specialist is scheduled to come in on Thursday, in the afternoon. Mathew is still requesting frequent break-through medication. I wonder if the 20 mg of morphine per break through might cause his increased heart rate?

His noggin seems fine; no extra lumps or anything from that fall he took yesterday. His arse is a bit worse for wear but his spine isn’t bothering him, *whew*.  Mathew managed to sit for a while in his recliner today and he made it to the bed as we agreed he would, without any issue.

Aside from that the only other news to report is freaking cold weather is back. Winter type of temperatures. It is dipping to -7 degrees Celsius either tonight or tomorrow night.

Boooo!! Enough of that already.