Dr. Wildish called me on Friday with an update on those CT scans.

If you recall Dr. Wildish manages the Palliative Care Floor at the hospital and Dr. Hemmings looks after the Extramural (outpatient) side of patient care. They are switching places effective Monday, 1 May, so now Mathew falls under the care of Dr. Wildish. We met her last June when he transferred from active care to palliative care.

So… Dr. Wildish had a printed copy of Wednesday’s CT scans. That preliminary review we had? It was nothing. NOTHING compared to this. This report reflects the true tragedy that is Ewing’s Sarcoma. I told you before it is extremely aggressive and without anything to slow down or stop it…. well, I won’t see sizes until we receive our copy of the report on Monday morning.

Until then, this is now what we know: There are numerous cancer lesions in Mathew’s dura, with one particular tumour growing into his skull. There is cancer along his spine at the T11 and T12 and 3 new tumours in the soft area around the spinal cord at the L2 and L3. The L3 is where the original tumour is, if you recall. There is cancer in his right ilium and another at the top of his right femur. There is cancer on his breastbone (at the front where the ribs join) at on his right shoulder blade. There is cancer throughout his liver and in both kidneys and adrenal glands. There are new tumours in both lungs and the lining (pleura) of both lungs. The tumours that were already there have grown. His left lung has collapsed a little where that liquid is at the bottom of the left lobe. The lymph nodes throughout his abdomen have cancer in them.

As his arms and legs weren’t scanned there is no information on them but who the hell cares by now? Pretty sure there will be spots there too.

I asked the doctor is any of this new cancer was evident at all in that last scan done on December 22, 2016. The answer is no. This spread and grew in the last 4 months. That is the devastation of Ewing’s Sarcoma and I know of cases where it spread even faster – more like it exploded in just a few weeks.

Dr. Wildish is meeting with us on Monday morning to discuss these findings and to determine what happens next. That would be medication, radiation, etc. Radiation is already a no-go as far as Mathew is concerned.

I did tell Mathew his cancer spread. He knows that there is more in the lungs and what was there already grew. He knows he has a spot on his right leg, in his spine at the original location, and also in his right shoulder. He already knew this was probable based on his pain and it is so important to legitimize it for him. He told me he wants to sit in on Monday’s meeting. He has the right if he wants it; there is a lot of time between now and the appointment to reconsider. We shall see what happens.

In light of this report Mathew’s Nortryptyline (sp?) was already doubled and so was the Decadron. The morphine was put back up to 90 mg both morning and evening. None of that has impacted the pain in his legs. Our goal on Monday is to push for something that will relieve the pain. He has suffered enough.

Mathew is very unsteady on his feet right now, both due to general weakness and also side effects of the new doses of medication.

Speaking of him that is where I am heading back to right now.