We  met with Dr. Wildish and reviewed the CT scan report. The only thing on the report that I either forgot or didn’t hear is a spot on Mathew’s right #8 rib. Otherwise let’s just say it is everywhere.

We are moving forward with a pain pump. It will take a day or two to get everything in place to set it up. There is only one pharmacy in the Saint John area who has someone trained to fill the cassette (plastic box) that will have the morphine in it. A needle will be inserted under Mathew’s skin ~ somewhere on his arm ~ and a butterfly thingamajig will cover it and have a connector piece on it. The pain pump will connect to the connector piece. The pump will be programmed by a nurse with the prescribed dose and schedule so it automatically dispenses when it is due. There is a button on it that is preprogrammed for break through morphine that Mathew can push as required. It will only send out a certain amount once each hour so there is no way he can overdose himself.

This gadget will be carried in a fanny pack as it is an automatic 24-hour-a-day pump. Sometimes very ill cancer patients don’t absorb oral medication very well and this injection method is far more efficient for the body to use the morphine.

Dr. Wildish is liaising with everyone who is involved with making this happen.

If it sounds like gibberish it is because Mathew and I pulled another all-nighter. He is still plodding along, in pain and grumpy as hell. That Decadron kicked into gear and gave him an appetite and the Energizer bunny stamina. It ain’t pretty people…. I am heading off to bed for some sleep as John took the day off.

First though I am trying to get through to Service Canada again because of a major clusterfook regarding my sick leave claim (for older folks; the employment insurance program). I was on compassionate leave for 6 months and then went online and followed the instructions to apply for the concurrent sick leave. Read: I FOLLOWED THE INSTRUCTIONS.

Everything has since turned to crap regarding receiving money from the government for the 16 weeks I am entitled to. I have called and spoken to 4 people already and also went in to personally visit the office in Saint John. It is one of those never-ending circles that make me want to tear my hair out. Apparently I was supposed to file a concurrent claim rather than a “new” one.

The people at the Service Canada office are front line workers and cannot access anything in the file other than to look at it and tick certain boxes. So I have to call the infamous 1-800-you-are-in-hell number. The one that gives you the royal run around without giving you an option to talk to someone. Somehow I did though and the last time I spoke to a representative, she went through the information and said the problem would be cleared up by April 25th and to check on my online file for an update.

I called her after I tried to file the second report and the Service Canada website flashed me an exclamation mark and “error you must call” message.

I figured good faith and all that, everything would be fixed. So I went on yesterday to file again and now it says I missed the last report in so the whole claim has to be reactivated. When I check in the file it says a decision is still pending. I call the wonderful 1-800-we-hate-you number to be told they are too busy to talk to me so try to get help on their website.

My eyes are flashing, my temper is boiling, and I don’t feel.nice.any.more.

I may have to call tomorrow.

Good thing I’m not a single parent relying on this money to live on. It rates right up there with my employer’s new pay system, the infamous Phoenix system. Service Canada had to set up some dummy account to get me money last fall because Phoenix can’t spit out paperwork in a timely manner. Given that so many people are either owed thousands of dollars or have to pay back thousands of dollars because of this new and “improved” pay system the government insisted on rolling out even though these critical errors and flaws were well documented before it completely rolled out….. I am SCREWED.

Rant over, sleep is needed.

John is taking care of our beloved grumpy bear and hopefully his pain will be much better managed within 24 hours or so.