The new dose of morphine isn’t working. Mathew didn’t sleep again last night. The nurse was already in and her and the Pallliative care team (including Dr. Wildish) are liaising with the Radiation Oncologist to discuss options.

Mathew is not able to lift himself up, from his legs, anymore. The tumours may be affecting the nerves and muscles too much. One of the doctors also said that Decadron also affects muscles. This means that Mathew needs both John and I to get to and from the bathroom and on and off the toilet itself.

We are waiting to hear what the doctor wants to do. More later.

ps – I received the employment services sick pay. *whew*

ps2 – we are in Southeastern New Brunswick so the worst of the incoming rain is not supposed to impact us the worst. It is more to the west. The rivers are flooding from the spring run off already so there are flood warnings issued. We live on a lake which rises during and after storms however our house is high enough to avoid a problem. Let’s see what “Murphy’s Law” says now that I made that statement…