Tomorrow Mathew will be transported by ambulance to the palliative care floor of the hospital, for pain management.

Mathew decided he had enough of the pain at some ungodly hour this morning and yes, he was up all night again in pain. The on-call nurse came in earlier today and changed the access of the pain pump. It is now in his lower belly and gives him freedom to move his arms a little more. The same nurse made the arrangements for tomorrow.

Fortunately there is a bed on the palliative floor because Mathew will have his own room and it will be much quieter there.

The ambulance is for safe transportation. Mathew is too weak to safely travel in our vehicle; after last week’s fiasco I would be very worried about him collapsing again.

The staff at the hospital can change Mathew’s medications much easier and have access to drugs not available for at home. By that I mean he can be introduced to a wider range of stronger drugs but needs close observation he can’t get at home. Once he is on a good dose then he can come home with that new medicine.

It is now time for me to go to bed. I dozed off and on over the last 24 hours but that is all.