One of Mathew’s Christmas gifts was a package to name a star. I found this at a Chapter’s store and thought it quite a unique idea.

The package contains information about the star enclosed and how to register the name that is chosen. Mathew never opened or paid much attention to most of his Christmas gifts because the tumours in his lungs started to cause severe pain by then.

Over the months both Kristen and I mentioned this gift to Mathew and she later told me that he joked about calling it his “night light”. He never did choose a name before he died and Kristen and I both decided we liked the name he kidded her with.

Thus, today I registered the name for this star. It will be known as “Mathew’s Night Light”. Sometime later I will look at the coordinates and use the resources provided to find out where this star is in our night sky.

I want to look up every night and know that Mathew’s Night Light shines down on me.

I miss him so.